Pork Steak


My picture is a hand drawn (ugly) pig because I forgot to take a picture of my steak!

When people say steak, they usually think beef. But sometimes, you just miss the taste of the wonderful pork goodness. And being a Filipino, pork is a mainstay in our diet, no matter how hard we fight it. 🙂 So mom got us some pork steak slices meant to be cooked like a steak. I treated this like any slice of good beef, except that it was cooked all the way through. Not overcooked, but well done.

It was seasoned with salt and pepper, then drizzled with oil. This was done on both sides. Then on a smoking hot cast iron pan, I dropped the steak, keeping the fire on high. This was cooked for a few minutes until it browned. I flipped it over after about two to three minutes, then took as long to cook the other side. This was allowed to rest after in a plate while I made some kind of sauce, not really a gravy. I added broth, then some lemon, to counter the fatty pork.

The meat was so tender that I look forward  to eating more of it than actual beef steak. The sauce ended up being so good too that I ended up adding it to my rice… My mouth is watering at the thought 🙂

This was served with pan roasted vegetables of potatoes, carrots, taro, and sweet potato. 🙂


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