And after how many years (okay weeks) of wanting churros, I decided to finally make my own. I am not sure if that is really the smartest idea, because I kept popping bags while piping the churros. But I did enjoy it. And it was well received by the people who ate it. 🙂

Piped churros
Piped churros
Thick rolls
Thick rolls

I got the recipe randomly from the internet. It’s basically a boil and dump kind of recipe. The type you cannot get wrong unless you don’t know how to follow directions, or boil water. But just follow and it will be fine.


Once cooled, I put this in a piping bag with a star shape tip and froze the dough before frying. I made the dipping sauce by mixing chocolate truffle (homemade) with milk and sugar.

Ta-dah! 🙂


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