T-Bone Steak at Home :)

I have been pushing my friend into inviting her parents out for steak that at the supermarket, I ended up asking my mom to buy us some steak. Though we love steak, we are not heavy eaters of it actually. We bought a single porterhouse steak, about 500grams, to cook with at home.


Simplicity is always the best for me. Season with salt and pepper, add a bit of oil, then place on a smoking hot cast iron pan. My mom likes it well-done, I like it medium rare. So I decided to go for the in-between of medium well. Mom gets the more cooked parts, I get the rarer parts. 🙂 After a few minutes, I flipped this over and seared the other side as well. Once done, I placed it on a plate, rested it, while I made some gravy for mom by adding milk and garlic powder to the pan.

Done in about 10 minutes. Easy peasy. But honestly, it took me years to be able to easily cook steak without second guessing myself. 🙂


2 thoughts on “T-Bone Steak at Home :)

    1. I ended up doing that to the leftovers. Cutting off the fatty part and salting it and using it to reheat my sliced leftover steak 🙂 Thanks for the tip! Will try to do that next time 🙂

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