Chicken Mami or Chicken Batchoy?

Chicken batchoy
Chicken batchoy

I don’t eat batchoy, I have never eaten one. Batchoy is just pork soup, but with innards in it too.I love pork, but not a fan of innards. I find the flavors too strong. But I do like soup, and noodles. So instead, I tried making chicken batchoy. This, “chicken batchoy,” is technically wrong, since batchoy essentially means pork on its own. But the cooking and preparation of the dish follows the batchoy recipe, except using chicken… So? Well, hence the title post. 🙂


So I boiled some chicken broth, seasoned already, then dropped chicken pieces in it. I added some onion into it as well, also the white parts of the green onion (spring onion, leeks). Some of the recipes called for flaking the chicken afterwards, which I didn’t do anymore. So cook until done, then I added the innards which were already precooked before. Just needed to be heated up.

I boiled the noodles in water then strained. I transferred some of the stock in a a different pan, and one by one, boiled the vegetables. I used cabbage, carrots, and shitake mushroom (just because I like it).  I placed the ingredients on a bowl, noodles on one side, then the cabbage, carrots, and mushroom. I added some fried onion on mine (should be garlic but I didn’t have any) and the green part of the spring onion. I added soup, and just chicken liver to my bowl. nd ta-dah. There, you have chicken mami  or batchoy. Whatever is more appropriate.

My preference for eating soup is mostly because I like how I feel after eating some. Full, but not heavy. And I am able to eat more veggies (I think) than I would otherwise, compared to a rice, stew mix 🙂

My mom loved this by the way, so this will be an easy thing to repeat. 🙂 easy and delicious. 🙂


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