Smoked Cod Liver

Bacalao, Cod
Bacalao, Cod, Bakalaw

I work in a supermarket and spend two of the five days I have actually inside the supermarket (the three other days I am slumped in a desk, like any other office job). I t can be our supermarket, our competitors, or even wet markets. So I generally know what is available where. 🙂

I am not sure if it is because I have been watching so many Iron Chef Japanese shows (I was over the phase actually, I think I have exhausted the youtube supply of ICJ shows.) that made me buy this. But to be honest, I didn’t even we had one! I was in the canned seafood area, mostly looking for new kinds of sardines because I do like my sardines. I usually just buy Spanish sardines, canned or bottled. Maybe some tuna. And anchovies. So I was looking around and found it. Smoked cod liver under the Diamir brand. And what made me buy it was cod roe, and soft coe (sperm actually) and cod were always repeatedly mentioned in ICJ! So I bought this one.

The goodies
The goodies

I do eat fish innards. But these are from the tiny fish that you just eat whole. So I can’t really decipher what the flavor of each innard is. I assume the stuff I eat are mostly eggs when I spy some stuff in the stomach cavity, but I can be wrong. 🙂

Upon heating of the smoked cod liver, I tasted it. It kinda smelled fishy. And it looked so soft. But the taste, it is reminiscent of a milder fish eggs (not caviar, but regular fish eggs), in a very soft pate form. I loved it. I wasn’t able to finish the meal because, after all, I was just trying it out and had a real meal before it. But it would make a great appetizer I think, for those willing to explore new flavors. It was very mild, and soft. I loved it.

The small container is about P120, which is even more expensive than anchovies. But the cheap indulgence is worth it once in a while. 🙂

Upon research, note that cod in Filipino is called bakalaw. If I can get my hands on fresh bakalaw with roe or soft roe, and the liver, I would be happy. 🙂


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