Fried Radish Cake

Brought out my new grater :)
Brought out my new grater 🙂

Watching too many Iron Chef Japanese shows exposes me to a lot of things or ingredients that I usually wouldn’t try. One of these things is radish. Radish or labanos, from how we use it locally, is ever present in sinigang, and an ensalada (salad). These things are preparations I don’t fancy. The smell turns me off generally. But sometimes, those being prepared in Iron Chef (yes, I know it is TV) seems to taste so good. And from experience, learning how to overcome my dislike for specific foods is actually to learn how to cook it. Cool right?

Before steaming, looks gross, kinda
Before steaming, looks gross, kinda

One of the only radish preparations I like is  fried radish cake. It doesn’t have that yuck radish smell I dislike and I like it already when I tried it outside. So I knew I would like it again if I made it at home. 🙂

Chopped and frying
Chopped and frying

I got the recipe from Rasa Malaysia and kind of followed her measurements. You should know me enough by now that I rarely follow recipes to the letter. Hence my baking disasters (not all the time!). But this one, I ended up using 500 grams of radish, then adjusted the water and flour before steaming. For the cooking, I barely glanced at the measurements, and just took note of the ingredients. 🙂


So basically, I started by peeling a radish and grating it. I cooked it covered in its own juices, and let it cool. In a glass dish, I mixed the flour and water, seasoned with salt, and added the radish. This was steamed for 40 minutes. And cooled.

The following day, I chopped the radish cake into thumb size pieces and pan fried this until it browned. These were seriously the yummy bits. I added the white spring onion and garlic and sauteed. I seasoned this with fish sauce, and a bit of oyster sauce, and continued mixing. I also added a bit of pepper. I finished this by adding a beaten egg and mixing it gently, but not afraid to break it. Simpler compared to the ingredients of the initial recipe, but worked. 🙂

Though mine ended up salty in spots, it was really good. One by one, I feel like I am ready to tackle (and appreciate) Chinese food. I think I will need to add oyster omelette to my list of things to do. 🙂 Oh by the way, where is the best place to find an authentic wok? Been trying to get my hands on one 🙂



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