Dalandan is a citrus fruit, smallish in size, with green skin. It’s a local orange, like a ponkan, but not really. Actually, I don’t know the differences of these citrus fruits. But the green skinned ones, they smell fresher to me generally 🙂

Calamansi in my  hand
Calamansi in my hand
Actual size comparison
Actual size comparison

They look small, and almost looking like the calamansi, but a bit bigger in size. The juice is also sweeter. But this one is a bit tart, not being in season. But I bought this for juice making, so it was no problem. I treated it the same way I do as calamansi. The flavors are sweeter though, and more fragrant. I think back to the overflowing dalandan juice of Sonya’s Garden (a famed healthful restaurant serving “natural” food) and realized how much sugar they would add to make it taste better. Glad to make this on my own. A bit of effort, but natural is always better. 🙂

My juice
My juice

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