(Semi) Homemade Taho

The other weekend, I wanted taho. I heard the man selling it nearby (they do just literally shout “Tahooooo” on the streets) and I was ready with  money and glasses to put it in. But he skipped our street altogether though. 😦  I ended up giving on it for a while. But hey, I cook. So at the grocery the other day, I grabbed some silken tofu to eat and make into taho.

My ingredients
My ingredients
Layered sago and tofu
Layered sago and tofu

With some silken tofu and store bought cooked sago as well (I could have made some, but I wasn’t in the mood!), and homecooked sugar syrup, I layered and mixed the items together to form a cold taho. 🙂 It’s different, but still yummy. Almost the same, just need to make my syrup thicker and darker 🙂 Honestly, its more expensive too, so I am not sure if it is worth it. But I guess if you need that taho fix, and the manong mangtataho is out sick, it’s easy enough to grab ingredients from the grocery and make your own 🙂

Ready to eat
Ready to eat

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