Sesame Noodles

The sesame oil, chicken powder and black pepper
The sesame oil, chicken powder and black pepper

I have been looking into using sesame oil recently into a handful of my dishes but I have been curious about the Paldo Sesame Noodles. I have been trying to look for it recently in the supermarkets but haven’t found any. Copycat recipes of it didn’t bring me anything. And no, I don’t want the peanut based sesame sauce that comes up whenever I search for sesame noodles. No. I want the simple clean taste of sesame oil on my noodles. And so I gave it a try.

Looks like regular noodles
Looks like regular noodles

So instead of waiting around, I decided to just experiment. I used instant ramen noodles, boiled it, and drained it. In a plate, I put some sesame oil,  and used half of the chicken flavored seasoning (since there was no soup) only. I added some pepper as an afterthought. I then added the newly cooked and drained noodles to it and mixed it. Ta-dah. My version of sesame noodles.

The sesame oil flavor was a bit lacking. I am not sure how to strengthen this taste without resorting to peanuts or some kind version of it. 🙂 Hmmmm. Any ideas? Maybe change to pasta? And add crushed sesame seeds?


2 thoughts on “Sesame Noodles

  1. It might depend on the brand and quality sesame oil you use, pure ones are better. You can also think of adding roasted sesame seeds to it, or make a paste of roasted sesame seeds.

    1. The recent one I bought, the Ayam brand, boasted of being pure. Much stronger than the Jolly Sesame Oil I used to use. I bought a jar of sesame paste/sauce recently and will add it to the noodles next time I make it 🙂 But I will try the homemade version first. 🙂 Thank you!

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