Cocoa Nibs

We were in Rockwell, I don’t even remember when, when I bought these. These are cocoa nibs. The nut of the cocoa fruit which is usually mashed to make tablea. It is very bitter on its own but tastes fabulous with sugar and milk. Hey, that is chocolate. The nibs I bought because I want to use it for something. It has been at the back of my pantry, lonely and ignored, until the coconut ice cream arrived, and I decided to finally open it.

Cocoa nibs and almonds
Cocoa nibs and almonds

The coconut ice cream is just plain, no real chunks of coconut, or other stuff mixed in. The sweetness of the coconut, I imagined, would pair well with the nibs. And along with some almonds roughly chopped, these added a great crunch to my ice cream. I do like having something to chew when eating my ice cream.

So I chopped the nibs more, and the almonds too, and topped my ice cream with it. Too much of the nibs and it was too bitter, or as if lacking in sugar. But otherwise, it is really great. I would add it to more homemade ice cream I have at home 🙂

The cocoa nibs were bought from Malagos Farms 🙂


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