Tom Yum Gai with Banana Heart (Hot and Sour Chicken Soup with Banana Heart)

Soup :)
Soup 🙂

There was a longer name for this dish, with the Banana Heart also in Thai, but I really cannot remember or bother to research. Tom Yum Gai may already be a difficult thing to know and remember if you are not a frequent eater of Thai food, what else with the longer name?

I do like banana hearts. I tried to make it before, a first, when my sister requested to make it for my brother-in-law. It has been a while. But frequent trips to Tarlac by mom, gave us more banana hearts than we are used to, and we have been eating it in different ways lately. It has been sauteed on its own, added to sinigang, those that I tasted. but I wanted to try it in other ways as well.


I forget that banana is a very versatile tropical plant and will most probably be in dishes in lots of cultures and countries. One that I likened to easily is this one that I made, tom yum with chicken and banana heart/blossom. I wanted the heart to be sliced in thick pieces but it has been shredded before I can instruct anyone to do anything, and this made a very bad looking, but happily good tasting soup 😛

It is no different that the tom yum I make usually. But instead of using whole chicken, I made use of diced chicken meat. I still use the paste I make at home, I still have the noodles I prefer to eat it with. So it’s all the same 🙂 But the plentiful addition of banana hearts and blossoms feels healthy to add to my dish 🙂

Note that after googling some more recipes, they all just came  up with either salad, or in coconut. Any other banana blossom/heart dishes you know about?


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