Pan-Roasted Vegetables

I rarely roast vegetables. I learned to mostly eat sauteed vegetables, as this is how it is cooked in the household. I have added stir-frying to the list though mom and I still fight how cooked the vegetables should be (I really like crisp, she likes everything well done generally – and wilted). But I digress. I decided to add a healthy amount of vegetable to our lunch since it was just chicken and cream. I chopped hard root vegetables, plus some squash, to pan roast. I had squash, potatoes, carrots, and sweet potato. These were all diced, to about the same size. I tossed them with olive oil and salt in a cool cast iron pan. Afterwards, I placed this on the stove and allowed this to cook, uncovered.


The vegetables got roasted in the pan and this brought out the sweetness of the vegetables. I like the texture of non-watered down vegetables too, preferring a bite. And my sister approved of it as well. I would repeat this preparation, and maybe add more to the mix. But this easy mix is a staple at our house and would be very easy to repeat 🙂 Not too pretty though, is it? 😛


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