Steak Rice

What to do with leftover takeout steak? Steak rice 🙂 But you know, with a lot more steak 😛

I was thinking of what to have for dinner and was looking through the fridge. I can survive on leftovers. I turned down 2 dishes offered by the help and decided to look at the packed food (usually my sister’s leftovers) and was happy to find steak. A bit fatty, but hey, it is steak!

It tastes better than it looks :)
It tastes better than it looks 🙂

The fatty part, I ended up mincing, and heating on the pan. This seared the fat, and I removed some of the oil. I added the rest of the steak which were just sliced, to heat it up. I added salt and lots of fresh ground black pepper. I mixed it in the rice, and ta-dah! Steak rice 🙂

I ate it, finished it easily. And the simplicity of the food was really great. Free from all the fuss that I usually have when I cook, this dish took about 5 minutes or less. 🙂

And my tummy was happy 🙂


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