Yang Chow Fried Rice, Again

The first few ingredients
The first few ingredients

I have made yang chow before but using spam and adding corn to it just made all feel wrong. It was more of a spam fried rice, than yang chow.

Mom was craving for some good fried rice and we had recently bought some chinese sausages that I know would go well with this. So I decided to make some. Besides, after repeatedly watching Iron Chef Chen Kenichi make fried rice (I watch Iron Chef Japanese nonstop on Youtube!!!), I feel like making Chinese fried rice is easy. Surely he makes it look easy 🙂

One thing I learned to do was mix the raw egg with the rice even before putting the rice in the pan. So I mixed the egg and rice mixture first and set it aside. I then sauteed the diced Chinese sausages, green oinon and green peas. Afterwards, I added the rice. I seasoned this with some leftover salted and peppered chicken broth. I then added more soy sauce since this was lacking in taste still.

Yang chow, not yetllow, but a bit brown. :)
Yang chow, not yetllow, but a bit brown. 🙂

The taste was wonderful. The sweet sausages provided a good contrast with salty rice. I love most versions of fried rice, and this one, I think, am learning how to make proeprly 🙂

Speaking of Chinese cooking, anyone knows where I can find a real nice but decently priced wok? I think I want it for Christmas. 🙂

Yang Chow Fried Rice Recipe

3 cups day old rice
3 eggs
2 pieces Chinese sausages, diced
1 can green peas, or about 1/2 cup
1 green onion, minced
soy sauce, salt, pepper, as needed

Mix the egg and rice. Set aside.

Saute the sausages, green onion and green peas. Once thoroughly cooked, add the rice and stir properly to cook the eggs through and heat the rice through. Taste. Adjust seasoning as needed. Serve hot 🙂


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