Jicama Fruits

All prepped already
All prepped already

Jicama is called singkamas locally. A sweetish root crop, it is eaten raw dipped in shrimp paste, or salt. I use this to add more veggies in my mixes generally. Though singkamas is a common site during its season, I rarely see its fruits, or is it vegetable. They have little fruits, almost like pea pods, that can be used as is or mixed into other vegetable dishes.

Mom got them from Tarlac on her recent trip. But I failed to take a picture of it in its raw, unprepared form. These ones have already been cleaned and cut, ready to be cooked with some fermented fish sauce, like pinakbet.

Surprisingly, I like it. It’s a mild tasting vegetable that went well in this kind of cooking, though I think that eating it in salad form, along with some of the root crops of singkamas would be great as well. The thing with these kinds of crops is the rarity of it, and I cannot just try and make new stuff with it.  But as of now, this was a wonderful discovery for me. I used to not like vegetables, but now, I have some veggies that I really like, this included 🙂


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