Farmer’s Union Greek Style Yogurt

Farmer's Union
Farmer’s Union

I seem to be racing through yogurt. Now, I have been going through about 1 kilo of yogurt a week, shared with my sister. She eats the muesli for breakfast, I eat it as a snack. But all good anyway. So after going through Karoun, which is now non-existent in S&R, and Fage, also gone from S&R, I stumbled upon Farmer’s Union Greek Style Yogurt. Now this one, though cheaper in S&R, is available in South Supermarket and was where I bought it.

With honey and almonds
With honey and almonds

Upon opening, it was the less thick of the three. Creamy, yes, but not dollop-able as the two previous ones were (dollop-able, I made that up). And the initial tasting, reminded me a bit of cheese. Or yogurt going bad. It is generally more sour than the others, but nothing some real honey can’t fix. 🙂 This is half the price of Fage by the way. But am missing my Karoun Yogurt with honey 🙂


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