Missing Keema

With the required butter on rice
With the required butter on rice

I have been blogging for the past 4 years and more and more I realized that this has become quite a repository of recipes and memories of mine. Even now, I don’t remember most of my recipes and have begun to use this as a database too. I remember making stuff, but not the how part or what even goes in it. At the rate I am going, this would balloon into a cookbook level of recipes, which has always been a dream of mine anyway.

But I had ground beef leftover from some longganisa breakfast (lucban longganisa but with beef this time) and I wanted to start cooking with it already instead of keeping it in the freezer again. I decided that I want keema. Just simple spiced minced meat of Persian or Mediterranean flavor. 🙂 So when I was in the supermarket, I decided to look at the recipe of mine and realized I have no idea how I made it work before. I kept it almost the same, minus some ingredients I didn’t have or just wanted to replace.

I totally skipped the garam masala because I didn’t have any. I used a can of tomatoes and its juice instead of using fresh tomatoes. I also skipped the spice because i wasn’t sure if I wanted it spicy or not. 🙂 I can always add the spice later. So I roasted the spices, pounded it in my mortar and pestle (stained yellow from making laksa the other time). And followed as directed. I took my time separating the meat from each other to make it finer and it worked. Maybe because the meat was fatty too. I ended up removing half a small bowl of oil of pure fat. But it was still good after removing all of it anyway. I believe it would have been too oily otherwise.

I also made some garlic sauce and a simple mix seemed to be a good default. Mix mayo, evaporated milk, salt and garlic powder. That’s it. The consistency can be adjusted to your liking and to your preference. And easily goes well with more than just the keema. I also roasted some onions and tomatoes for a healthy side dish addition 🙂

(Yogurt) Garlic Sauce Recipe

1 heaping tablespoon of mayo
5 tablespoons of evaporated milk, to your preferred consistency
garlic powder
salt, to taste


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