Fage Greek Yogurt


I have been on a yogurt trip recently, wanting to amp up my fiber intake through eating more oats, nuts and whole wheat goodness. I recently bought the Karoun honey yogurt from S&R and was so happy over it that as soon as I finished my one tub, I headed over the to supermarket to find another one. There weren’t any. And that is the frustrating part about going to S&R and actually finding something you want consistently. You can’t, simply because you rely on the arrival of their orders which are in the mercy of everything from the weather to customs to port or whatever. In any case, I was saddened to not find it. There were the non-fat and low fat yogurt versions of Karoun, but I wanted the honey. I walked around some more decided what I wanted. I spied one lone tub of Fage Greek Yogurt. I grabbed it and bought it, though the price was insane. Trial and error. Let’s see. 🙂

My mix :)
My mix 🙂

It was about double the size of the other yogurt I bought. But with the honey missing, I wanted the Karoun one. The sourness takes some getting used to, but after a few eats with my go to muesli mix, it was fine and gorgeous as ever. 🙂 The texture is very different though, The last one was reminded me of the homemade yogurt I used to make. This one reminded me of mashed cottage cheese and yogurt combined 🙂

I will still be looking out for the Karoun Honey Yogurt. But sadly, I will never go back to local yogurt again. 😦



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