In the pot
In the pot

I did talk about making cocido after eating it in Barcino. I have gone across this before during my pochero days (in the hunt for more local food that I have to try and make). But I never tried because it seemed to have so many ingredients. Fast forward to today where I was actually craving for healthy proteins such as chickpeas in my food (yep, I am crazy like that).

After reading a couple of recipes, and remember how it tasted like, I just decided to wing it. I didn’t have beef in it, and besides, it takes too long to cook. And I didn’t add any red wine or whatever you add into it because I really don’t like the taste of wine in my food. And my sister is still breastfeeding anyway.

Cocido did have lots of ingredients in it. While I boiled the chicken in some water and broth cubes (both chicken and pork), I prepared all of the ingredients. Though it is a long list of ingredients, it was mostly a dump and boil everything in, so it wasn’t too difficult. 🙂

I prepared the garlic, onion, and pimiento, and put this in the pot. I then added pork (it was already cooked and tender). I also added the salami after preparing. Then the rest were put on hold until the chicken was tender. So I boiled all of this together and cooked, I tried the soup. Adjusted for salt and water and I let this boil again. Once the flavors were okay, I slowly added the vegetables, adding in the carrots and potatoes first, followed by the string beans and chickpeas and peas, and then lastly, the cabbage.

I could have served this with noodles and soup, as was most pictures showed. But I just served this with rice. The flavors were light and easy. And the assortment of vegetables was nice. A repeat is in order for sure! 🙂

While reading this, I discovered, by the way that caldo means soup 😛

On the serving dish
On the serving dish

Chicken Cocido Recipe

1 whole chicken cut into serving pieces
pork (I used the same pork for sisig, about 250gm) cut into serving pieces
broth cubes, both chicken and pork
garlic, one head, sliced  horizontally
1 onion, cut in half
2 pimiento, cut into squares
about 2 inches thick of salami or any cured salty pork, diced
1 carrot, diced
1 potato, diced
10 string beans, prepared
1 can chickpeas, drained and skins removed
1 can green peas, drained and skins removed
1/2 head of cabbage, cleaned
salt and pepper, to taste

Put first 7 ingredients in a pot and cover with water. Allow to boil. Once meat is tender and cooked, taste. Adjust seasoning and broth level as needed. Slowly add in the vegetables, first the longest ones to cooked and so on. Serve with rice once all the veggies are cooked 🙂


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