How Do I Eat My Gravlax?

Salmon on bread
Salmon on bread

It’s funny how I go to all the effort of making and curing gravlax and all my mom can say when I offer it to her is if I can cook it for her. These requests sometimes leave me speechless (same with asking a steak to be cooked well-done), but I allow it because you know, food is very partial to each person’s taste. I initially refused to cook any of the salmon (I eventually agreed to, sadly). So how do I generally eat it?

I finished off the bread :P
I finished off the bread 😛

I eat it as a snack. Or as breakfast. On its own. Each cold and salty slice. YUM. Just writing about it now makes me crave it, and I barely have a few slices left. The most elaborate I have done is to toast a slice of bread, spread some cream cheese on it, put a slice of lettuce on it, and then topped it with a generous of salmon. 🙂 That’s about it. But I swear, I love salmon so much it’s one thing I can eat forever. Raw, cured, baked, pan fried, grilled, however. 🙂


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