Karoun Greek Yogurt


I was in S&R with my mom and my older sister when I noticed a push cart of another customer that had two big containers of yogurt. I like yogurt that I even used to make them on my own. But I was the only one who would consume it until I got sick of it. 🙂 I still like yogurt but not as intensely as before. But after eating good yogurt in Macau (it was Nestle’s, but tasted way better than those available here), I have been hankering for some yogurt again. And then more so after seeing them, I was curious. I walked to the fridge section and found some very affordable greek yogurt and grabbed the honey flavored one. I opened this as soon as I got home.

And you know what? This is GREEK YOGURT HEAVEN!!! The texture reminds me of the yogurt that I used to make at home, but faster to consume, eat and buy 🙂

I made my homemade granola by lightly roasting rolled oats, then adding corn flakes, and then adding a bit of honey and sugar syrup to it. Then I added sliced almonds, along with dried or fresh fruits, whatever fits my fancy or supplies at that time.

How I eat it
How I eat it

But this was so good I was tempted to go back to S&R the same day to buy more of it. The good thing was it had a longer shelf life, this one had 20 days upon buying 🙂 And the 100 calorie per serving was not something I would worry about. It was 100 calories for six servings of the whole container, and I have already eaten 7 times and barely halved the container. 🙂 Meaning I get about 50 calories from it every time I eat! Yay! 🙂


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