Gravlax, Again :P

Before curing
Before curing

If you have been reading my blog for years (wow, I applaud you and you deserve to eat some of the food I cook) or months, you would notice my love for smoked or cured salmon. I say cured too because gravlax is technically unsmoked. But they really just taste the same for me, and I am very happy that I can make the gravlax at home even if I cannot cold smoke my fish 🙂

I have already talked about making gravlax before, here. I followed a different “recipe” this time. Technically, it is still the same with equal portions of salt and sugar (1/2 cup each this time) for uncleaned/unfilleted slab of 1.4 kg of salmon.

After curing, notice the brighter color
After curing, notice the brighter color

I bought this frozen, and cleaned it up removed the fins, pin bones, main bone, scales, etc. Then in a glass container, I put in half of the salt and sugar mixture, put the fish skin side down, then topped with more of the salt and sugar mixture. This was covered in cling film, weighed down with some glass containers and heavy bottles.

I cured this for two full days (turning at the 24 hour mark). I washed this at the 48 hour mark, removed the skin and sliced as thin as I could, and it was LOVELY. I cannot wait to eat it at home with some cream cheese on bread. Yummmmy 🙂

PLease note that when going to make this at home, that you handle the cleaning on your own (since having it cleaned outside may mean exposing it to more germs and bacteria) and buy it frozen and defrost on your own, to minimize exposure to germs and bad cold chain handling as well. 🙂


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