Zushi Ana, Times Square, Hong Kong

The yummy orange things
The yummy orange things
Miso soup
Miso soup

After the many Chinese dishes we have been eating, we opted to go Japanese. Our frequent requirement to eat out was simply to have rice on the menu. Our little girl travel companion, though is fine eating cereal for breakfast, and a bit of bread, will really say, “Eat rice!” when she is hungry. It’s such an Asian thing, it’s nice šŸ™‚ And note that some Asian restaurants do not serve rice!

Mom's mixed tempura
Mom’s mixed tempura

So there we where in Zushi Ana. we ordered four sets for the adults. A tempura set for mom, chicken bowl for Kuya Dino, a beef bowl for my sister, and mine a Katsu set. All of the food were served with salad, an appetizer, miso soup, egg custard, and the main meal. And again, I have my favorites!!!

My katsu set
My katsu set

The appetizer, which in the Philippines, would consist of some peanuts and maybe seasoned dried anchovies, was instead little squares of ebiko or tobiko tossed in mayonnaise and wasabi!!! I LOVE IT. I ate two servings worth of this. I don’t know how they formed these tiny little squares out of these eggs, but it was great!!! And the savory egg custard was DELECTABLE. I have tried this dish before and weren’t really happy with it. But this is the first time I tried it and was happy with it!

The rest of the food were good but not too much different from what I would have here. But here I am googling a recipe for chawanmush, the egg custard. Let’s see how I can make this at home šŸ˜›


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