Ving Sing, Macau

Random restaurant :)
Random restaurant 🙂
Ving Sing
Ving Sing
Pork stew
Pork stew

So I am not even sure if this is the name of the restaurant. But it follows the description Establicimento de Comidas (Establishment for Dining). So it could be that in Chinese. Or the name anyway of the restaurant. I can actually understand more Portuguese because of its close relation to Spanish and old Tagalog words. Chinese, on the other hand, even with my everyday exposure, I fail at it. Either way, this place was near the Grand Lisboa and it seemed like a good one. The prices of some of the dishes seemed exorbitant, and we had a lot of language problems dealing with the staff. It was more of a point and order type. But we survive. Of course, we did. 🙂

Chicken with cashews and peppers
Chicken with cashews and peppers with the veggies in the background
Fried rice
Fried rice

We ended up ordering two plates of rice, fried squid, a bowl of pork stew, vegetables, and chicken with peppers and cashew. We finished most of it and surprisingly, I really enjoyed the pork stew, enough that I am googling a recipe for it, and I hope I can find one. It was a stew of some sort with sweet potatoes melting in the dish, and the sauce, tasting as much as the sweet potatoes themselves. The meat was also unbelievably tender and nice. Breaks off when you bite into it, that kind of texture. Obviously, this is my takeaway from this restaurant, wanting to cook this dish, and that in itself is already a success. 🙂


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