Restaurant Platau, Senado Square, Macau

The facade outside
The facade outside

This was our first meal in Macau (not counting the free breakfast at the hotel). And to my surprise, I ended up paying a whopping P5000 for it. But it was all good. It was a good restaurant, and I liked it. Okay, except for the price.

Ground pork with egg
Ground pork with egg
Mom's minute steak
Mom’s minute steak

We were tired from walking, a bit lost on where we can eat with the little girl wanting to eat rice already 🙂 So while we were debating if we were going to do McDonald’s, I randomly walked down a path and found this restaurant. It was just near the Senado Square, a 10 meter walk away from McDonalds. And it seemed high end, mix of Spanish, maybe Portuguese flavors, with the Chinese food that Macau is.

Bacalao and mashed potatoes
Bacalao and mashed potatoes
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry

We ordered some steak (for mom), bacalao and mashed potatoes (for me), ground meat with egg and rice (for my older sister and Maven), and chicken curry (for Kuya Dino). The food was good for me. Everything on the table made me happy. I tried everything, and I was happy. Not that memorable, but it was a nice escape from the heat and noise at that time. It was also nice to have Filipino waiters within assistance, who can easily understand us to assist us.

But honestly, even with the respite from the heat, the price seems not to be worth it. A little too expensive for my taste. Or maybe because we have been told that each order is only good for one, when actually, it was good for 2 to 3 people 🙂



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