Marisa’s Sansrival

The little serving
The little serving

In this obsession of mine to find Sansrival, I ended up going around the mall to look for one. My default buy was Goldilock’s, the local bakery chain but to MY HORROR, I discovered that the store has temporarily closed and is now running on a kiosk that barely had anything! (They have a restaurant too.) So I was about to give up and remembered that a friend mentioned a kiosk that might sell sansrival. I know then sell silvanas, and I was willing already to settle for that.

Up close, look at the top
Up close, look at the top

To my happiness, I discovered they do sell sansrival!!! For a whopping price of P100 for a small piece, the cake was really tiny. But I bought anyways because I have been craving for weeks!

Look at the layers
Look at the layers

I had a plastic fork with me and that was pitiful. The cake was as crunchy as it should be and heaven to taste. It was buttery just on top, but overly so. The middle just had enough butter to put together the crunchy cake. i wanna have it again soon 🙂 Please please please. I am happy to discover this find. Their small cake, about 3/4 of a bond paper size, is P320. The bigger one, I wasn’t able to take note of the price. But i am sure it is as lovely 🙂


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