My ingredients
My ingredients

20140921_182130Ever since Ara made makis for her birthday, I ended up craving for some. I did “celebrate” her birthday (with  my mom) by going to lunch in Sambokojin and indulging myself with their makis. But up to now, I am still feeling that craving every now and then. So after slowly gathering my ingredients over two weeks, I decided to make some and invent some new flavors of maki 🙂

Tuna, with the kani in the background
Tuna, with the kani in the background

I didn’t have mango and just made kani maki. I decided to make spicy tuna by drying out canned tuna and adding a little mayo with it. I also sliced some luncheon meat, because, you know, I was feeling fearless like that. 😛

Luncheon meat version
Luncheon meat version

Wasabi was added in almost everything, mayo was added in the kani, and crunchy breadcrumbs were added to the tuna. Roll and slice. My slices ended up too thick, should have made it into eight instead of six. But attempting this left me with 3 squished pieces of rolls. So I stuck with cutting it into sixes. I had like 5 pieces after making so many. But it was all good. 🙂 The tuna lacked a bit of salt though on its own.

Note that I have been attempting to make makis since I was in highschool and I am actually better at it now at this rate (maybe after having watched endless Iron Chef episodes and Jiro Dreams of Sushi). But I still have a long way to go before feeling it is presentable. 🙂


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