Tom Yum Gai with Noodles

I have made tom yum before, after taking up cooking classes in Bangkok. I was looking for that flavor again. I had to make my tom yum paste first and that took a good 40 minutes already. But it is always worth it, I think. 🙂

Soup and noodles
Soup and noodles

So what I do this time? I added noodles. I am sure that by adding noodles, it would be called differently now. But I couldn’t find a specific equivalent to this so I just put with noodles. And if you have noticed, I am using the same noodles I did the other time with my Pork Soup with noodles. The noodles are a local Chinese influenced kind of noodles called egg misua. Misua is usually made from just flour and water, and a bit of salt. it break easily, thickens soups considerably. It is like a wanton wrapper but in noodle form. Now the egg misua is sturdier. I treat it like I would ramen, but thinner in style. I use it on a lot of my dishes now, and it’s so versatile.

Tomatoes, mushroom and onion
Tomatoes, mushroom and onion

The tom yum? IT WAS HEAVEN. Next time I go back to Bangkok, I will take another cooking class with the same group. I feel that I really made headway into cooking Thai food for my family and it is has been great. 🙂


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