Truffle Scrambled Eggs

No wonder I couldn’t figure out why I was lacking posts from last week! I wasn’t able to write this one down ūüė¶

But it’s okay. This week isn’t too late.

Scrambled egg
Scrambled egg

I was craving for some more truffle items (artificial truffle flavored items, yes) after my last dinner in Mamou. I did make some pasta but I wanted something more. So I made scrambled eggs. ūüôā From what I have heard, truffle and eggs are a great combination, though I have never really tried them together. So one breakfast morning, I finally did.

With my muesli
With my muesli

I just mixed egg, a bit of cream (about a tablespoon or so of cream), a teaspoon of butter, and salt. I then slowly scrambled this, adding the truffle oil until it was almost cooked. On hindsight, I shouldn’t have bothered adding cream or butter since the truffle oil would have done the job.

But the truffle scent of my oil is slowly diminishing from my stash. Will most probably use this up soon or otherwise throw it out or use it as regular olive oil..


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