Pork Noodle Soup

Without the soup and garlic and mushroom yet
Without the soup and garlic and mushroom yet

Mie Keriting with Babi Sop. Pork noodle soup, simply put. It is copied from old post of chicken noodle soup, Indonesian style. But since Indonesia is a Muslim country, referring to the pork soup in Bahasa seems wrong, hence the English title of this post.

The thing is, I only made this pork because I had heaps of pork being boiled during this time, and didn’t want to bother adding another pot to the stove. I just took some of the meat that I would eventually use for sisis, and fried it a bit. I fried some tofu too. I prepared the noodles by boiling it and putting salt, pork fat (from the boiled pork) and sesame oil. For the soup, I boiled water with pork broth cube, salt, garlic and mushroom.

Yeah, that much garlic :)
Yeah, that much garlic 🙂

I then assembled all the ingredients on the plate. Noodles, fried pork bits, tofu, and corn on the bowl. And then, the soup was poured over it just before serving. I took the whole garlic and ate it, soft and sweet. 🙂

I really like these simple tasting dishes. Clean to the palette. Not really the easiest to make, but satisfies me every time.


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