Chocolate Truffles


Surprisingly, I have never made real chocolate truffles. I made nutella ones, which were good, but not the regular ones. When we stayed overnight in Sofitel before, we ended up watching Masterchef on TV and they were making truffles. Some looked ridiculous, some apparently tasted good. But before I get there, I have to make the basic ones.

More chocolate
More chocolate

What inspired this? A handful of expiring chocolate chips and chocolate baking bars that I brought home with me from the US. That long ago. Since these were all good chocolate, I decided to just make them into truffles. Not too much cooking, and yummy to boot.

Half melted, half not
Half melted, half not

I googled and followed the first recipe I found. It is from Ina Garten, and I basically love her recipes, so I took that on. I weighted a pound of chocolates, a mixture of semi-sweet, dark and milk and set it aside. I heated the cream and poured it on the chocolate and the chocolate only partially melted. i ended up putting the chocolate back on the stove over low fire to melt everything. And it took forever. Maybe the chocolates got acclimatized to the warm weather?

And after some hours
And after some hours

So after ten years and addition of coffee and vanilla, I continually mixed it to cool the mixture down faster. I scooped it on a silicon mat and then put it in the freezer to cool it down faster. Then, the chocolate were formed into balls, covered in more cocoa powder and grated chocolate.

The truffle was really yummy. But too bitter for my taste. i want a little sweetness to my truffles. And the thing is, I cannot travel with these chocolate since they melt out of the freezer 😦 But yummy treats for the house!


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