Maggi Laksa Noodles (from Singapore)

Instant laksa
Instant laksa

I was in Singapore recently and ended raiding Cold Storage for random grocery items that I saw or wanted to cook with. One thing that looked promising was the Maggie Instant Noodles Laksa flavor. I can easily make laksa, and I have done so repeatedly. But sometimes, you just want to eat it without having to go through that trouble. After all, it will just take 5 minutes.

Looks good after adding stuff
Looks good after adding stuff

So I followed cooking directions and then tasted it. HORRIBLE. Okay, not horrible, but seriously not buying it again. I had to “cook” the whole thing, meaning, I added a little bit of everything to get the strong laksa flavor that I like. I added fish sauce, I added some sambal for heat, and I also put more coconut milk. It was like making it from scratch (minus the lemongrass and the like). But I was really expecting more from this instant noodle. After all, it is made by Nestle.

Hmmm. I was thinking that maybe other people like milder tasting laksa? But I really think that if I served that to my family (I cooked two batches of it), I would hardly think they would find it delish.

PS. Yes, it took me that long to try one out. Never craved for laksa. But the improved version is making me want it more now. 🙂


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