Fresh Tomato Pasta


I rarely use fresh tomatoes in making pasta. I usually cook down the tomatoes after peeling and deseeding them until they create a sauce. I have been spying some small tomatoes in our pantry and figured I can treat them like grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, though those would be sweeter usually. I am fond of just popping those tomatoes in my mouth because they taste so good. But I just assumed that this can work.

20140831_112849I have received some olives as gifts before and decided to make use of them in this pasta. Sweetish bland tomatoes with green and black olive, some capers, garlic and chili flakes. How can it go wrong?

So I had some cooked pasta set aside. I sauteed a head of garlic and some chili flakes in olive oil, added the chopped olives and capers, then the tomatoes. I had to add a bit of salt to balance the flavors and I immediately tossed the spaghetti in. After some adjustments, like adding more olives, the pasta was done. The longest prep was cooking the pasta. But after that, it took less than five minutes to finish it.

It is very simple. It looks simple, tastes uncomplicated, and easy to make. At least now I know how easy it is to use the fresh tomatoes. 🙂

Fresh Tomato Pasta Recipe

cooked pasta, good for six
mixed chopped olives, about 1/2 cup
3 tablespoons of capers, chopped
1 head of garlic, minced
10 to 15 small native/local tomatoes, quartered
chili flakes, optional
salt, as needed

Saute the garlic and chili flakes, if wanted, in olive oil. Allow to cook. Add in the olives and capers, followed immediately by the tomatoes. Taste the ingredients to see if there is enough salt (since the saltiness of the brine would be absorbed by the tomatoes. Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Toss in the pasta and mix quickly. Serve 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fresh Tomato Pasta

  1. I love the use of fresh tomatoes in pasta – I think it makes the dish seem so much fresher and lighter. It’s especially good in summer. I enjoy cooked tomato sauces as well though, although this is a more wintery approach when it’s harder to get flavourful tomatoes – then they benefit from cooking to make them more intense.

    1. Advantage of living in a tropical country, we have great tomatoes all year round. 🙂 and summer, so much of it that the prices drop to Php10per kilo or about a quarter in US dollars!

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