My Favorite Hotel Buffet: Spiral, Sofitel

First plate

First plate

I have talked about this buffet a couple of times already. I don’t talk about it every time I eat here, but I think I should. This breakfast lasted me the whole day actually. So besides making it sound that I am such a glutton, I just wanted to share how I love this place.

Second plate

Second plate

My plate barely changes its contents. Perhaps the breakfast offering is less, but some things are constant like smoked salmon, cheeses and the cold cuts. Those things will make me happy enough. But breakfast. Ah. There’s the muesli selection, along with waffles. And there is Filipino fare too of tapa and rice. I am getting hungry.

Side order. Picture of third plate is missing

Side order of taho. Picture of third plate is missing

But in any case, this is my favorite. I did miss their different selection of lamb and steak, served during lunch and dinner. But I cannot complain πŸ™‚ I love it too much.

Thanks to Sushee and her family for the treat! πŸ™‚


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