Random Cheeses from a Hotel

We all know how I love cheese. Or now at least now you do. I am such a cheese fiend that most cheeses, even the really smelly ones, I like. It takes some getting used to. And I have been trying cheeses for years. (My first taste of brie was when I was maybe 9 or 10, and never stopped trying new stuff.) Of course, there were some fail ones, like turning away a bleu cheese cheesecake. That kind of stuff. But generally, I am happy with cheese.

Cheese "plate"
Cheese “plate”

My friend came from Macau and Hongkong and one of their hotels had a cheese spread. But this one, instead of having the sliced cheeses from whole blocks, they have little packaged cheeses, like jams and butter. She smuggled 4 kinds for me and I have been snacking on some for the past few days. And I love it. Any cheese. Really 🙂 And also one of the reasons I really want to go to Europe 🙂

Now if only there was some way I can get my hands on cheap fresh cheese, that would be lovely 🙂


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