Cereal Chicken

Cereal chicken
Cereal chicken

When I went to Singapore, I remember eating the Cereal Prawn which we had at home taken out from the XO restaurant place near my friend’s house. Basically it was fried shrimp tossed in a lot of sweetish bread crumbs. I generally don’t like sweet stuff but this was good because the contrast of crunch made up for the sweetness. This was really great mixed in with the rice.

As soon as I got home from the trip, I researched on how to make it but was surprised that I needed an ingredient which I can’t get my hands on here in the Philippines: Nestle’s Nestum. This was a cereal milk drink from Singapore or Malaysia and mostly consumed there. I actually think it is like Nesvita. But well, I will stick to the original first before experimenting.

So I asked the same friend (whom I stayed with) to bring me home some Nestum. And ta-dah, I have it. I decided to make this with chicken first instead of shrimp just because we usually have chicken on hand.

So basically, make some fried chicken with very basic flavors. I just salted the chicken and added powdered coffee creamer to the flour (for the egg and flour coating) and fried it as it is. And then for the cereal. melted butter and kaffir lime leaves (I didn’t have curry leaves) were cooked over low heat and then the cereal was added. I used about a cup. Toss and brown. I added more creamer to this, a bit of salt, a bit of sugar. Once it was golden brown, I added the chicken in. The more recently fried chicken pieces was coated better with the crumbs.

Serve with rice. Though I actually found the flavor lacking, the great texture really does make up for it. My niece was cute. As i tell her that the name of the dish is cereal chicken, she replies, “No Nang (Ninang is godmother in Tagalog). This is crunchy chicken.” Cute little imp. 🙂

Golden delicious
Golden delicious

Cereal Chicken Recipe

1 whole chicken, cut into serving pieces for frying
1 egg
teaspoon of powdered coffee creamer (to mix with the flour)

2 tablespoons butter
curry leaves
chili (optional)
1 cup Nestum
powdered coffee creamer

Salt the chicken and then coat with the beaten egg first, then the seasoned flour. Fry until cooked and set aside.

Melt the butter and toss in the leaves and let the scent come out. Add the cereal and season as needed, to taste. Toss until golden brown. Add in the chicken once the flavors of the cereal are okay. Serve. 🙂


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