Good Eats: Mother’s Best Chili Paste

Yum. Heat of the Month
Yum. Heat of the Month

I love supermarkets simply because I discover random things in it that I end up really enjoying and becoming a constant part of our pantry. My family has always loved spicy things and we have a constant rotation of chili peppers and sauces in the house. With the boyfie having a more intense love for the spicy stuff, I have been upping my consumption of spicy things quite a lot. I ended up scouring the chili aisle in the supermarket and found something that I think I might enjoy. It was tucked in the top, almost something you wouldn’t see. Mother’s Best Chili Paste.

I was just curious about it, but having bought it, I decided to give it a try with my dinner. And omg. This turned that dinner into a heat filled meal. And the good thing about it it was flavorful too. It was not all heat and nothing else. But the flavor of the garlic and other aromatics shone through. It reminded me a bit of the chili paired with siomai, and that is one of my favorite things in the world.

So now, every time I remember, I put a dollop of this thing with my meal. I really do love it. Priced at about P130, I think, the small bottle will go to lengths. It is really good. I promise. And it perks up the meal every time. I am honestly beginning to think of having it in my bag the whole time ūüėõ


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