Sumptuous Seafood Meals

Meal 1
Meal 1: Steamed crabs
Part of Meal 1
Meal 1: Squid in oyster sauce
Meal 1
Meal 1: Sizzling scallops

One advantage of living in the Philippines is the access to so much seafood. One bigger advantage of going to random islands in the country is you get an idea of what the specialties are, in terms of food.

Meal 2
Meal 2: Curried scallops
Meal 2
Meal 2: Fried calamari
Meal 2
Meal 2: Fish in some kind of sauce

It was a worthy trip. An hour’s flight, 2 vans with 3.5 hours of land travel, and another 2 hour boat ride. The transfers were quite easy actually, convenient. But the climbs for the views were exhausting. But we arrived in Isla Gigantes ready for fun and adventure. But, food first.

We got a package for the island hopping, boat rides to and from Estancia Port (in Iloilo) and it included the promise of good seafood for our meals. And Asluman, where we stayed, was the scallop capital. Their beaches were lined with scallop shells (which made it difficult to walk on). And scallops for export was the main livelihood of the people here. Some catch crabs, some get squid, some fish. But it is mostly a seafood-centric island.

Meal 3 Breakfast
Meal 3: Dried fish and fish tocino

First meal, we were served sizzling scallops, steamed crabs and squid in some sauce. Dinner for the night, we were served fried calamari, curried scallops, and fish in some kind of sauce. For breakfast, we had dried fish and fish tocino. And for our last lunch was fish sinigang, sizzling scallops, steamed crabs, and adobong squid. The servings were actually more then enough for us. And I did get an attack of “suya” during dinner and hardly tasted the food then (sadly). But my favorite thing for the whole trip, scallops. They were all so tender and yummy. 🙂

Meal 4
Meal 4: Steamed crabs


Meal 4
Meal 4: more sizzling scallops
Meal 4
Meal 4: adobong squid (not in pic: fish sinigang)

All photos are credited to Ms. Ara Juan, one of my best friends 🙂 My constant traveling companion 🙂


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