Relaunching My Cooking Class

I would like to relaunch my cooking class! 🙂 I took a seat back on this and declined some who were inquiring. But I hope that a boost today will bring in more inquiries. Please see below for the link back, as well as what is posted on the cooking class page. 🙂


I am offering half-day cooking class (8 am to 2 pm) for those  interested to learn basic Filipino home cooking, with our own family quirks and preferences thrown in 🙂 The venue shall be in our home, in Las Pinas (about 20km south of Makati). If you require tranportation, we can discuss that as well. But quoted price will be mean meeting Alabang, Muntinlupa area on Saturdays or Sundays simply because I have my day job 🙂  (I can accommodate on weekdays if need be, but I cannot assure you my schedule).

Half-day crash course in Philippine cuisine will be P3000 or about $75.

The cooking class includes a trip to the local supermarket or wet market, depending on the weather. If you have any requests or questions, please contact me the soonest by leaving a comment below or emailing me at (until I get my contact form up and running!)!

Class will include the following dishes: 

Adobong Manok (Chicken adobo)
Sinigang na baboy (Pork in Tamarind Soup)
Rellenong bangus (Stuffed Milkfish)
Bicol express (Chili in coconut milk)
Pancit guisado (Sauteed noodles)

Biko (Rice cakes)
Turon (Banana spring roll)

Inclusions of the package:
Trip to the supermarket or wet market
Recipe copies of dishes cooked

Transportation, which shall be negotiated upon booking


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