How to Make Hopia

Round dough balls into round pegs
Round dough balls into round pegs

I like hopia as much as the next person but I generally don’t seek it out as a snack. I still like diced hopia the best, with it’s creamy monggo center that is sweet and mushy, surrounded by the flaky crust. I actually only like it when it is freshly cooked, hot from the pan. Maybe because I am partly fascinated as well with the way it is being cooked. Roundish balls that are then shaped into squares in the pan while cooking.

Squishing em flat
Squishing em flat

Now the regular cylindrical hopia, I have never seen made. But by accident, roaming the streets of Kalibo (in Aklan, a province in the Visayas, we found a hopia stall cooking the cylindrical hopia on the spot. And like little curious bugs, we beelined it to the stall and watched them make it.

Cooking the other side
Cooking the other side

The apparently round hopia is delivered to them on site like that, so they really have no idea how these are made. But the little round balls are then placed into the molds, then shaped into the little pucks they are by squishing them down and cooking it on one side. This is then removed from the molds, then cooked on a flat top/grill on the other side, and that was about it.

It is interesting really. And I never realized they make it like that. 🙂

Hopia is a Chinese delicacy. It is either filled with sweetened ube, monggo, or kundol (called baboy or pork). The outer layers are flaky dough. It is usually eaten as a snack, and a bit heavy after you go past one piece. 🙂


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