Quick Eats: Yoshinoya, Glorietta

Ara's food and my salad
Ara’s food and my salad

I have never eaten at this restaurant before and it feels like I am making a review for Jollibee or McDonald’s. But in anycase, I don’t shoo away reviews for restaurants and would happily review great eateries on the roadside if I come across some, which I haven’t really explored.

I am not sure why I haven’t eaten here before ever. Nobody liked it enough for me to be dragged here. And I guess I wasn’t curious enough for a Japanese fast food restaurant. Until Ara decided to eat here with me.

Looks good
Looks good

I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I wasn’t in the mood for eating though, but I was hungry. I ended up with a tempura basket, which had squid, fish, shrimp, crab stick, and some veggies. With a coke and a kani salad, my bill added up to about P300, which is too much for a fast food. But my fault anyway.

My  mess of a tempura basket
My mess of a tempura basket

The food was generally so-so. I don’t mind ordering it, but I won’t be craving for it. I think maybe I got spoiled from eating Japanese food from Saisaki and the likes of those that anything else is a bit iffy for me. But it’s a good cheap Jap fix if ever  you are in the mood.



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