Toasted Ice Cream

20140808_174750I like ice cream. I like it so much that when I was in the US, I tried most of the ice cream places and new stuff I saw in supermarket shelves. And also even when the temperature dropped to 0 degrees. And the fact that I make it at home too when I have time.

There was one time I tried fried ice cream. We were on a boat and that was one of the items on their menu. It was good. But it took longer for us to have it, though the outside was crispy, the inside was partially melting already.

This one was toasted. Asked about it, the waiter said it was an egg white mixture coating the ice cream. I am not sure if it is torched, fried, or baked. But the ice cream inside was frozen solid. None of the melted stuff going on. Though the coating only added a texture of crunch, it didn’t really add any flavor. It was kind of bland, but I guess that’s why they add chocolate syrup to it.

This was at Gerry’s Grill, in Southmall, first time I tried it. It is an interesting dessert, but lacking in execution. I would have lessened the overflowing whipped cream surrounding it and maybe added some nuts. But it was only for P165. So not bad.


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