Chicken, Mushroom, Cheese and Rice

Mushed up rice and chicken
Mushed up rice and chicken

Originally, this was a recipe for parmesan chicken, mushroom and rice. So given the fact that I didn’t have parmesan, I made to do with some cheddar cheese. But in general, I think I have been feeling quite uninspired to make up new dishes that I have been barely cooking, and if I am, I have been only cooking old familiar dishes. I need a culinary boost to my mood.

This was like making paella, without the tomatoes. And with some cheese. I just quickly fried some bacon, and chicken pieces, added onions, garlic, mushroom and broth and allowed this to cook. Then i added the rice, added more broth and let this finish steaming. I tossed the cheese just before serving to add some creaminess and additional salt.

Mushroom chicken and rice
Mushroom chicken and rice

This wasn’t the prettiest dish, or the yummiest. So I am refraining from posting a recipe. 🙂 I obviously need some inspiration. Help!


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