French Beans and Carrots

Pretty colors
Pretty colors

We have some sort of love affair with french beans.  Mom discovered it in the US in a buffet, and my sister likes it prepared in a specific way that I did before already. And me, well, I tried it in a hawker stall in Malaysi and fell in love with it. The thing though was there were only few french beans. When you buy them by the pack, they aren’t so expensive. But considering one pack costs about half a kilo of chicken, well then, you think about that.

In the bright sunlight
In the bright sunlight

In any case, I supplemented the two packs of french beans with a carrot to add more bulk to it. I then “seasoned” this with some chicken and garlic, sauteed in a sweet salty sauce combination. it would have been easier if it was oyster sauce, but we were out of that and I had to make do with what I have (which was sugar and soy sauce). I drizzled this on top of the quickly stir-fried vegetables and I love the simplicity of it. Actually, except for the removal of the mushrooms from this recipe, it is almost the same. 🙂


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