Mixed Paella

Fine, fine. Even my mom knew what I was up to when I started suggesting this for lunch. Given that there were fresh green bell peppers too, it was an instant idea. And I haven’t made paella in quite a while. I wanted to make one for the boyfie, since he has been craving that for a week already, after our San Mig stint. (Even if I did say that I make a better paella. :P)

20140727_110708I decided to change it up a bit since I liked the idea of having small meat pieces instead of huge ones on my plate. I copied the style of San Mig and had bite sized pieces of meat in the rice. I chopped my sausage (not authentic, I used hungarian sausage), chicken breast, and the shrimp were peeled and cleaned already). And because of the size, it cooked faster too. I first sauteed all the vegetables separately and set them aside. Then one by one, I also cooked the meat through, set them aside again. I then made the sofrito from tomatoes, onion, garlic, and olive oil. Once the sauce was tender and mushy, I added more oil, added the rice, placed the broth (shrimp and chicken combination), added the proteins and let this cook. I made this dish spicier than I normally would. It was allowed to boil/steam for 30 minutes. Then top with the precooked veggies.

Over-all, I think this ended up as a great dish. Nothing new really, with my oh so many paellas. But the smaller cuts allowed it to be just right and not overwhelmingly so. 🙂


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