Quick Eats: Uncle Cheffy’s Seafood Buffet, Alabang

My plate, what I liked from the spread
My plate, what I liked from the spread

I have never eaten at Uncle Cheffy’s before. But trying to find a place that combined both seafood and beer (the boyfie’s request) and we ended prowling around Molito area. We initially entered a different restaurant, but was suggested to try the Seafood buffet of Uncle Cheffy’s. We climbed up and found a limited, but quite satisfying options.

I apologize that I did not take pictures of the buffet line. But then, I think my plate is kind of representative of it. Somewhat.

First of all, there were some iced fish that you can request to be cooked in different ways. We had three pieces (2 lapu-lapus and a dark fish that I wasn’t sure what kind it was) grilled. We had some mussels and clams sauteed in spicy sauce, which is usually tossed with the pasta (which we decided to forego). Then the spread had some panizza with my alfalfa sprouts, some ribs, steamed fish, a seafood salad of some sort, fried fish, stuffed crabs, etc. There was an assortment for anyone who wanted anything, and the option to have it cooked.

Our mussel and clam mix
Our mussel and clam mix

But really, we were just 2 or 3 parties inside. We paid about P550 each and I am not sure if they make money from that downtime. Maybe that’s the reason why they have these seafood buffets. Was it worth it? Well, maybe if you take advantage of having the fish cooked to your liking. We were just two but ended up eating three of those. Next time, I would stick with Uncle Cheffy’s specialties. ūüôā


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