Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll

Nice color of the spring roll
Nice color of the spring roll

And here I go again for the familiar yet a bit different. This looks pretty but a skimp on the ingredients made it actually taste completely different. There was no shrimp, cucumber or cillantro and basil in it. It was technically a different flavored pancit, wrapped in lumpia wrapper and fried. But the concept was there, but maybe the execution was wrong.

I soaked some vermicelli in hot water to soften them up. After about 10 minutes, I marinated them in a fish sauce, chili, sugar, and water concoction that is actually the dipping sauce for most of Viet  spring rolls. I set this aside.

The only other vegetables I had were carrots and sayote. So I sliced these into thin strips and cooked this with some salt and allowed it to cool. In a lumpia wrapper, I then layered some of the noodles, and both the vegetables and wrapped it tight. This was then fried and served with the sauce.

It looked pretty and tasted good. But nothing that I was trying to achieve. Soon I want to be able to make a fried Vietnamese spring roll that actually tastes like their spring roll 🙂


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