Sesame Ginger Chicken


I was all excited for this because it would be a familiar taste, but ideally would still be a little change from what we are used to. The taste, given all the ingredients, I knew, would taste like Hainanese chicken, but a more Chinese style of sauteing and flavoring. We love Hainanese at home, so I hoped that the something new but familiar thing would kick in.

The bad thing though was, it tasted exactly like Hainanese chicken. That well, it felt like it was no different. It looked different. It was prepared differently (easier actually) but it all ended up the same in the spoon or in the mouth. So I am not sure if that is really a good thing or a bad thing.

In any case, it was well received. Lovers of ginger-flavored food would like this. 🙂

Just looks like a bunch of stuff
Just looks like a bunch of stuff

Sesame Ginger Chicken Recipe

I whole chicken, cut up into smallish pieces
1 whole ginger, grated
4 tablespoons of sesame oil
oyster sauce
chicken powder

Heat the sesame oil and saute the grated ginger until it smells good. Add the chicken and let this cook quickly. Season with the chicken powder, and if using frozen or still largish chicken pieces, add a bit of water to avoid burning. Let this cook through. Do a final drizzle of the oyster sauce to the chicken and mix, once the chicken is cooked. Serve 🙂


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