Food Street in Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard is a mall along Orchard Street in Singapore. And though I am familiar with the many food here, there are still a lot of Singaporean or Chinese food that I yet have to learn about that. And I felt just that in the food court where I relied mostly on finger pointing what looks good to me.

Doesn't look like a winner, but really good
Doesn’t look like a winner, but really good
Where are the oysters?
Where are the oysters? Inside, but still a bit raw. 

I ended up ordering Ban Mee, which is a noodle soup. It was some kind of broth that had Indonesian flavors in it of the small dilis and fried shallots. My cousins ordered Hokkien Mee, which was very good. It was noodles cooked in egg and shrimp stock topped with lime and sambal. Mimi, a friend who lived there for a while, ordered some beef in vegetables, and some noodle soup as well.

Ban mee
Ban mee
Water chestnut
Water chestnut

The runaway hit for me this time was the Hokkien Mee, and the water chestnut drink. 🙂 I am planning to make them soon. But I am honestly not made for food court, not yet 😛


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