M&M’s Ice Cream Sandwich

The last time I had an ice cream sandwich was in Walgreen’s in the US while waiting for my aunt. We had a Nestle Toll House ice cream sandwich and it was heaven. I still remember tasting that wonderfully moist cookie and well, vanilla ice cream and it was soooo good.

The sandwich
The sandwich

I just finished lunch with my friends and was actually looking for inspiration inside the Rustan’s supermarket in Rockwell to cook with. I didn’t find anything that i wanted to cook with but ended up spying this in the freezer along with some Snickers and Twix ice cream. So I grabbed it and just decided to try it.

It was actually really good, except for the fact that the M&Ms in the cookie had nothing to do with the great ice cream flavor. The chocolate covered candies were cute, and that’s about it. But the cookie itself made it good. And I did kinda end up wishing that the M&Ms were actually just plain chocolate chips 🙂

For P100, it was a bit expensive. But hey, I get to eat ice cream sandwiches so rarely that this works out fine too 🙂

Looks inviting, doesn't it?
Looks inviting, doesn’t it?

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